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Amanda Marcotte, High Seas

Amanda Marcotte

August 8, 2018

Why We Consult

Here’s the thing: we love to solve problems. Give us an interesting problem, an innovative project, or a complex integration and we’re as happy as Joe eating oysters (and Joe loves oysters).

Everyone on our team has put their blood, sweat, and tears into the corporate world. We were team leaders, directors, and senior developers, putting in long hours that started to feel mostly the same from day to day. So we struck out on our own in search of the new and innovative, lured by the prospect of endless knowledge expansion, cutting-edge R & D, and new partnerships with great people.

When you consult you’re not just working on a product or growing a company, you’re building a wide variety of products and exercising your strategic muscles for the betterment of all types of enterprise. We are doers, fixers, builders, soaking up new skills and constantly seeking ways to put our knowledge to use. We don’t need to own the results, we prefer to set our partners up for success and support them along the way. Our pride is in building successful products and springboarding successful companies, over and over again.

We take your business personally. Sometimes even obsessively so (just ask our spouses). We just don’t have it in us to do less than our best. We work late, come in early, wake up in the middle of the night with “Aha!” moments, and spend most of our team dinners talking about how to make our Clients’ business better. Why? Because it’s exciting. Because we like our Clients. Because we’re solving problems and making our small parts of the world a little better, a little more productive, a little more elegantly coded, and a lot more fun.

And we do it all without masks or capes.

Amanda Marcotte, High Seas
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Amanda Marcotte

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